Open Rain or Shine Friday, October 20, 2023

Haunted Night Time Fest

Starting October 4th

Every Friday and Saturday 6:30pm- 10:00pm 

When the sun sets, fear goes up at Wild West City. Enter the town at your own risk…

The legend goes back hundreds of years before the Gold Rush, when the Arapaho Natives buried a skull deep in the caverns of what is known as the Old Wild West City Goldmine. But this wasn’t just any skull, this was a skull made of pure gold. Where they found the skull is anybody’s guess, but legend has it that anyone who possesses the golden skull is granted immense wealth and power. But there’s a catch. You see, the person who holds the skull is also cursed with a life of insanity!


 Now the whole town is going mad… The Cursed Golden Skull has been resurrected. But by who? The Marshal of Wild West City is desperate. He has called in a group of Pinkerton’s to help solve the mystery and bury the skull deep in the Old Wild West City Mine but with all the madness and insanity can anyone be trusted?… Who has the skull? And will it get buried back in the Old Mine?

You can choose which one to endure first...

Night Time Train ride loading up for a spooky adventure into uncharted Wild West City Territory

Train Ride

Old Miner's Trail

The Night Starts as  you enter the haunted town of Wild West City. Upon arrival you will receive two tickets; one for the Walking Trails and one for the Train Ride. Please arrive timely and line up in the line you have booked for. 

**The Last Train Ride and Trail walk goes out at 9:45pm**


*All ages are welcome, we do consider the night time event to be pg-13 (language/ minor gore). This is a night time Halloween attraction, there are a variety of scare factors along the Train Ride and the Walking Trail.

**NO outside food or beverages (including reusable containers) are allowed at night.**

DO NOT touch actors. Our actors will not touch you.

DO NOT touch any scenery or props.

NO flashlights, laser pointers or flash photography during the train ride or trail walking.

NO food or beverages are allowed on the train ride or walking trail.

Stay on the trail and follow the train conductor’s rules at the beginning of the ride.

If rules are violated guest will be asked to leave the premise.

*At Night we recommend 12+ but all ages are welcome. This is a SCARE Halloween attraction at night (Parents please use your discretion). 

The Last Train Ride and Trail walk goes out at 9:45pm

Other Spooky Activities

Pilsner's Candy Shoppe

Pilsner's offers a wide variety of treats from old time candy, ice cream, popcorn, soda floats, cookies and so much more!

Explore the Haunted Town

The town will be spookily decorated.
Tarot Card Reading
Live Music
and more!

Golden Nugget Saloon

Saloon and Bar will be open serving delicious food and spooky beverages will be served at the bar (alcoholic and non-alcoholic)
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