Main Street 1880

Non-Stop Action
There's always something going down on Main Street in the Wild West.  Twenty-two live-action shows daily means lots of excitement for you and the kids.  It's not just shows, either.  Audience participation is what makes the Wild West City experience so memorable.  Gather up the kids to join the sheriff's posse and help capture the notorious Jesse James. See our daily program schedule for more information.

Museum-Quality Exhibits
We've got enough authentic period memorabilia to put many museums to shame.  Many of Main Street's buildings are accurate reproductions and loaded with antiques.  You'll learn about late 19th-century farming tools, period dressmaking, blacksmithing, and more.  Break the law and you might end up in one of our circa-1890 jail cells.  We have an extensive collection of Native American art and artifacts.

If you're a student of the old west or early American history, plan on allowing several hours to go through our exhibits and interact with our knowledgeable staff. 

Among our exhibits is a unique, animated miniature western scene that you'll really want to experience.  It's one of only two in the world, and the other is a Christmas scene. In addition to being painstakingly handcrafted by a single person, it's also an engineering marvel in that all of the figures are in motion using the same motor.  A series of rods, pulleys and leather belts transfers the rotation of the motor into movement of all of the characters.  What's even more impressive is that it was built over 50 years ago!

Food and Fun
We know all that excitement is going to make you hungry, so you'll find a number of spots on Main Street for lunch and snacks.  Our old-time candy store features Blue Bunny ice cream pops, and made-to-order cotton candy and ices - the most delicious treats you'll find on this side of the Mississippi.

And to help you remember the fun times...
Why not head over to the Old Time Photo Center.  Dress up in your favorite Western garb and take home a picture or two.  Shops along Main Street also offer fashionable western clothing, Wild West City t-shirts and sweatshirts, sheriff's badges and a whole assortment of keepsake souvenirs.