Group Interview

Join us Saturday April 1, 2023 for our annual Group Interview Event!

A Day in the life of a Wild West City Employee

Cowboy in show performance, holding up his lucky penny.

At Wild West City you are a Cowboy or Cowgirl! Wild West City keeps the spirit of the Wild West Alive by entertaining and inspiring guest to step back in time, disconnect from the real world and get in touch with their inner cowboy. 

Whether you are working at the admission gate, as an actor on Main Street, behind the grill in the kitchen, assisting guests in retail shops or working the attractions, you have the opportunity to make someone’s day special. Wild West City is a fun, unique place where you can work, learn and grow. 

We are always hiring throughout the year feel free to call, email, stop by, or  fill out an application below!

Our Values


We have been family run for 60+ years and you are family at Wild West City.  We love what we do, look for reasons to praise not to criticize, communicate freely and respect each other.


If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. It doesn’t matter if your team is a 1200-pound animal or your fellow cowpoke.

Passion & Tradition

We love what we do, we want to inspire and give our whole heart to what we do. We want guests and team members to fall in love with the Cowboy way of life.

Cowboy Code

  1. Live each day with honesty and courage.
  2. Take pride in your work. Always do your best.
  3. Stay curious. Study hard and learn all you can.
  4. Do what has to be done and finish what you start.
  5. Be tough, but fair.
  6. When you make a promise, keep it.
  7. Be clean in thought, word, deed, and dress.
  8. Practice tolerance and understanding of others.
  9. Be willing to stand up for what’s right.
  10. Be an excellent steward of the land and its animals.

At Wild West City I Can Work Learn Grow Join Our Team Today!

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