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When you're ready for a day of old-time fun and excitement, there's no better place to be than Wild West City, where we've been serving up family fun for 50 years. Here's a taste of what we have in store for you:

  • Main Street 1880 [included with admission]
    Travel back in time to Dodge City, Kansas in 1880. A stroll down Main Street is a chance to experience life in the Wild West as it was over 120 years ago. But keep your wits about you, because there's always something going down. Our 22 live-action shows keep the excitement going all day long. Many of the buildings contain museum-quality exhibits of period artifacts; you may be surprised to learn what life entailed back in the day.

    In addition to the shows and exhibits, you'll find several choices for food, snacks, and shopping during breaks in the entertainment.
  • Stagecoach Ride [one ride ticket]
    The Wells Fargo stage boards for all points west throughout the day. Once the teamster collects your tickets, picks up the reins and tells his team of horses to giddy-up, the excitement of your journey begins. The tails go swish, the wheels go 'round and you're back in Dodge City, Kansas. Along the way you may meet a mountain man, you'll see the one room schoolhouse, the chapel and Boot Hill. Be prepared to think fast and shoot straight if bandits stop the coach.
  • Train Ride [one ride ticket]
    The narrow gauge train winds along a 3/4 mile track through Wild West City forest. Chug by Dry Gulch, Arapahoe Territory, Dan Tucker's camp and Vulture Valley. Hang onto your gold and valuables just in case yer waylaid by desperados.
  • Barnyard Zoo [included with admission]
    The Wild West City collection of critters features some of the animals you would have seen on a typical pioneer farm. Be greeted by Billy the goat, Sno-ball the pony and Gertrude the pig. The Rhode Island Reds actually lay brown eggs. We have a calf and sheep, too. Come on in and get some country!
  • Pony Ride [one ride ticket]
    Down by the train station you'll find the pony ride for kids only. Parents bring your cameras and preserve that special moment. The little ones can saddle up on "Lady", "Cocoa", "Pretty Boy" or "Misty" for a turn or two around the corral. There is a weight limit of 90 pounds so ride first and eat later!
  • Miniature Golf [one ride ticket]
    What better way to spend some quality time with friends and family than putting your way around our wee 18 holes. Settled in the shade, a round of golf often provides a welcome relief on a summer afternoon.
  • Panning for Gold [included with admission]
    Eureka! Want to pan for gold and maybe strike it rich? Well, stake a claim, roll up yer sleeves and head for Egan's Mine #1. The sluice runs fast and the dirt is loose with nuggets that glitter like real gold. Swirl the dirt in a gold pan just like the real '49ers who discovered gold out west.