Outside view of Museums and Buildings in town at Wild West City

6 Things you should know before visiting Wild West City

Are y’all ready to saddle up for an adventure to the Wild West? Whether you are a seasoned gunslinger or a curious newcomer, Wild West City offers a unique experience for all ages. Before y’all mosey on over, here are a 6 things you should know before visiting Wild West City from an insider to make your visit even more enjoyable. 

#1: Wear closed toed shoes or better yet, fit the theme in the town and wear cowboy boots! We keep it authentic.  The landscape of the town is a natural terrain, covered in stone dust sand. There can be soft, uneven grounds. It is especially important to wear closed toed shoes if you are around the horses in town. It gives you both extra protection and support when walking around town.

#2 Loud noises: What are gunslinging cowboys without their revolvers slung on their hips! Yes, we use blank firing toy prop guns on set here at Wild West City. 63% of our shows use blank firing toy prop guns. The noise from the blank toy firing prop guns are similar to fireworks, not as loud but that’s something for you to compare it to. Therefore, if anyone in your group is sensitive to loud noises, I would recommend bringing ear plugs. If you don’t have any, we have them in town.

#3 It’s not just for kids: A common misconception is that Wild West City is just for kids.  Sure you see a lot of photos with kids and yes, we are family friendly, but adults also enjoy the action and atmosphere.   The shows are a mixture of reenactments, dramatizations, comedy, audience participation and fictional characters from the Wild West.  

In addition to the shows are museums, demonstration sites, rides and attractions to explore which are enjoyable for all ages.  Our team members and actors are trained to engage with children and adults to give them an experience at their level of knowledge.

To really get the most out of your visit ask questions and engage back with the actors.  The actors really pour their hearts into their performances, going above and beyond. 

 #4 There are two Saloons in town: As I was saying before, Wild West City isn’t just for kids. There are also two Saloons (bars) in town. The Golden Nugget Saloon, which serves delicious food and has a full bar is open every day during our season. One of my favorite drinks is Doc’s Prairie Punch but he has a selection of beer, wine, craft beers, IPAs, and specialty drinks like Doc’s Wild West Whiskey Sour, Chuckwagon Apple Pie, and Deadeye Blue Devil. The Golden Nugget also offers a selection of delicious western style food and nonalcoholic beverages. There is an entertainer who performs 3-4 times a day as well. The Golden Nugget Saloon is a nice place to relax, cool off with an ice-cold drink and grab a bite to eat.

The second Saloon, Larry Storch’s Silver Dollar Saloon is open on special event days and can also be rented out for birthday and bachelor/ bachelorette parties throughout our season.

#5 Picnic Area: One thing that most parks do not have are picnic areas where you can bring a picnic lunch. Embrace the wild west atmosphere and enjoy a picnic lunch on the outskirts of town. There are dozens of tables set out in the shade where you can relax and save a few bucks while visiting.

*Outside alcoholic beverages are not allowed into the park. 

#6 Weather or Not: Lastly, check the forecast before you mosey on over. Pack sunscreen for sunny days, an umbrella, a rain jacket for the wet ones and a reusable water bottle to stay hydrated throughout your adventure.

With these 6 things to know tucked in your saddlebag, you are ready for a rootin’ tootin’ good time at Wild West City!

Ready to book your wild west adventure? Visit: https://wildwestcity.com/plan-your-visit/

Happy Trails, See y'all May 2024!

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