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  • Wild West City brings American history to life in ways classroom studies can't.
  • Movies, books and the Internet just can't compete with Wild West City's immersive learning environment.


"My students learned about what it was like to be in school over 100 years ago, recognized that they never want to do anything bad that would put them in a tiny, very public jail and experienced different forms of past transportation. All these learning experiences, part of the New Jersey Core Curriculum Standards, were embraced by students, faculty, parents and administration.

It was a sound educational experience. My students thought it was the best trip in all of the elementary grades."
Glen Umland, Merriam Avenue School, Newton,NJ.

'Good value, friendly staff' — Summit, NJ

'Excellent in every way' — New Rochelle, NJ

'Loved it here, full of knowledgeable staff and western history' — Trenton, NJ

'Wonderful! We enjoyed experiencing the old West in NJ! Thanks.' — Bedminster, NJ

'Great for the kids - Educational and fun - Nothing like it that even comes close!' — Belle Mead, NJ