Starting October 2nd

The Haunted Wild West is back again!

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The Day Time Fest

The Haunted Wild West Fest is back again this October for both day and night events! Hit the trail to our ghost town, enjoy nonstop western entertainment all day Saturday and Sunday in October with a Halloween Twist. Take part in a fun and spooky interactive western experience like none other for kids of all ages. Watch tales of the Wild West come to life through historical characters, live action dramatizations and demonstrations by period craftsmen. Ride in style aboard the Wild West City Stage Coach or Train and younger cow-boos and cow-ghouls can hop on a Pony! Children can also participate in the Wild West Fest costume contest and win fun prizes. Watch the best of the Wild West come to life at this fun and spooky fall outdoor adventure at Wild West City!

The Night Time Fest

When the sun sets, fear goes up at Wild West City. Enter the town at your own risk… there is only one way into the town, first you must endure the perilous journey aboard the Wild West City Train Line and then walk the old Frontiersman Trail where the ghost of John West the Frontiersman lingers…

Day Time Tickets
Night Time Tickets

These are two separate events:

The day time is for all ages. We will be performing our live action shows, you can explore museums in town, visit our history/ demonstration sites and more. In addition to the daytime event the Stage Coach Ride, Train Ride, Pony Rides and Miniature golf will be open.

At Night we recommend 12+ but all ages are welcome. This is a Scare Halloween attraction at night (Parents please use your discretion). The night starts with a Haunted Train Ride and then you walk the Haunted Frontiersman Trail into town. The town will be decorated and the Golden Nugget Saloon will be open serving alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages and food will be sold as well.

Day Time Haunted Wild West Fest
Saturday & Sunday Schedule

10:30 pm Gates Open
11:00 am Opening Ceremony 
11:15 am Gunslinger
11:25 am Pony Express
11:30 am Cowboy Competition
11:45 am Elmer the Easterner
12:00 pm Entertainment Time at the Golden Nugget Saloon
12:15 pm Cowboy Arts
12:30 pm The Persistent Undertaker
12:45 pm Headless Horseman & Gang Robbery- Child Participation
1:30 pm Entertainment Time at the Golden Nugget Saloon
1:45 pm Frontiersman
2:00 pm The Sundance Kid
2:15 pm Saloon Fight
2:30 pm Kids Costume Contest with the Gessies’
3:00 pm Zombie Can-Can Girls
3:15 pm Gunfight at the OK Corral
3:30 pm Skeeter Ford
3:45 pm Texas Red
4:00 pm Wild West City’s Closing Ceremony